Acopiador registration of used tires

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The district secretariat of environment (SDA) and Mayor of Bogota approved Decree 442 2015 that creates the program's use of tires used in the capital.

What is it?

The Decree, among other points, set mainly:
  • Registration with the Ministry of environment of all establishments that build up tires as well as monthly checks of wheels that receive and which have.
  • Paving, from July 2016, of 100% of the routes of Bogota with mixture of rubber granule.
  • Use of tires used in the construction and adaptation of city parks, playgrounds and athletic tracks.
What are the penalties provided for?

Fines of up to 3,200 billion pesos for establishments that are not registered and do not make their monthly reports. Will have two months starting from the expedition of the Decree (November 2015) to start with the record.

Fines of up to 9 billion pesos through the environmental subpoena for any type of person who is surprised in flagrante delicto with tires in the streets.


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Listen to the interview of the Secretary of environment about the standard and the rims programme here.


  • Advice on the implementation of the standard packages.
  • Processing of registration as a picker of rims to the SDA.
  • Monthly update of the information management of tires from its establishment on the platform of the SDA.
  • Plans of emergency and contingency for rims.
  • Training and external audits of compliance.
  • Machines crushers and compactors for used tires
  • Consultancy and construction of warehouses of used tires.
  • Advice for bonding to post-consumer programs.

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Now will I register before the Ministry of the environment? 
We have a team of consultants available for further guidance.
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