Dumping 2015

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Resolution 631 2015

“Which lays down the parameters values maximum allowable limits at the discharge point surface water bodies and public sewage systems”

What is the standard?

  • Controlling pollutants that reach the public sewerage system and natural or artificial water bodies.
  • Improve the quality of the water and the environmental recovery of the river arteries of the country
  • Reduce the consumption of water in the different activities, for the saving and efficient use

Who is required to meet the standard?

Those who make discharges specific to surface water bodies and systems of public sewerage, according to the industrial, commercial activities or services and that in the development of these generate wastewater.

Does that change against the previous standard (Dec 1594/84)?

Before, all productive activities had to comply only with a percentage of removal, now sets a maximum limit allowed by economic activity and 56 measurement parameters are set. Domestic (ARD) are different wastewater sewage non-domestic (ARND).

What are the penalties provided for?

Enterprise-level sanctions may range from 100 to 2,500 million pesos, but in households there will be penalties and responsibility in looking after that pour.

When you begin the application of the standard?

Generators that must not have permission of discharges to comply with the new standard from the 01 January 2016, and which will have to have permission of discharge current between one and two years from the issuance of the rule (March 2015) to comply with the same.

How do I comply with the new resolution?

Obtaining appropriate environmental advice and accompaniment in compliance with the same, through a diagnosis of Alternativas.Realizando surveys before and after the dumping. Eligible for conversion to clean technologies in management of discharges that broad plan deadlines for companies that choose to implement it.8.2 TERTIARY TREATMENT

ECOPYME provides sustainable strategies and responsible solutions to achieve it!

Our broad portfolio of services will allow you to:

  • Sampling and analysis of laboratory accredited by the IDEAM Potable and Residual water.
  • Re circulation water treatment plants.
  • Fat with use of remedial bacteria traps
  • Civil works, adaptations and adjustments.
  • Consulting, management and pending before the authorities regulatory approval of the registration and permission of dumping.
  • Presentation and evaluation of green projects for implementation of tax incentives, exemption from taxes and duties.


Contact us and get free a preliminary diagnosis of the current state of your company against the applicability of the rule. (Offer valid from October 19 to December 19 in the city of Bogotá, conditions apply)

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